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dog training pads for home protection

If you have just purchased a new puppy or picked one up at the animal shelter your first priority in training is house breaking. If you already have a dog that is well behaved and house broken then the training process is much easier. Combining crate training with house breaking is a good way to start your new career in dog training.

Many people who do not have the time each day to do a complete job of training find that they must rely on dog training pads to protect their floors and upholstery. It is also a good idea to use them in your vehicle as well stool and urine stains can cause permanent damage.

Proper use of dog training pads will also do a fair job of preventing scent marking by the dog. Once a dog has urinated on a surface, that surface will hold the smell of the accident for some time. Dogs will naturally return to this site to relieve themselves again. They are just naturally drawn to the location. When the dog urinates or defecates on a training pad it is then removed taking all the scent with it. All of which will help in your training efforts.

Obviously the use of training pads that have odor control will help in the overall cleanliness and hygiene of your home. Nothing will turn off a visitor or a friend then the strong smell of dog urine wafting through your home. You will find that you will become somewhat used to these odors over time. You love your new dog and as such are much more tolerant of its smell and behavior. You should never assume that others will feel the same way. This is especially true when traveling with your dog to a relatives or friends home. Always have extra dog training pads on hand to prevent problems.

Remember dog training pads are just a temporary solution to a house breaking problem. You should never allow your dog to become imprinted Pads. Use the standard house breaking training by making sure the dog knows it is supposed to relieve itself outside. A stated above crate training will help you accomplish this goal. It is really rare that a dog will relieve itself in the crate.
The combination of cash out to pay for training on the opening of a home is a good way to start your new career in dog training. There's always more dog training Pads on hand to prevent trouble for you and the dog.


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